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yujing flat/bend tempered glass


Introduction to tempered glass products


Through high temperature and quenching, the internal molecular structure changes greatly, so that the surface layer has uniform compressive stress, and the internal tensile stress is uniform, which increases the mechanical strength of the glass several times. This glass is tempered glass. Yujing Company's tempering production line is the latest and most advanced forced convection continuous tempering furnace of China North Glass Co., Ltd., which uses the hot air convection to conduct heating of the glass, and uniformly heats the inner and outer surface temperature of the glass to the tempering temperature point in a short time (the heating speed is large). Increased heating time by 30%). That is to ensure that the glass maintains a good flatness during the process of heating and tempering, and can reduce the surface quality problems such as roller printing and pitting caused by heating for a relatively long time in the production of the ordinary tempering furnace, so that the produced tempered glass has Better optical quality. Tempered glass is a safety glass and is widely used in places where mechanical strength and safety are required. Such as: glass doors, building curtain walls, facade windows, indoor partitions, furniture, close to heat sources and partitions that are subjected to hot and cold impacts.

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