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yujing laminated glass


Laminated glass is a method in which a bonding material PVB (polyvinyl butyral) or EVA (vinyl acetate polymer) interlayer film and SGP film are bonded together between two or more sheets of glass. High-grade safety glass made of high temperature and high pressure. Jade crystal laminated glass is made by pure water cleaning, dust-free workshop lamination, laminating machine rolling, autoclave heating and pressing. The quality of jade crystal laminated glass is in accordance with: GB15763.3-2009 national standard; The quality of bulletproof glass meets: GB 17840-1999 National standard

It has the following advantages: safety: the laminated glass installed on the building is subjected to any external force impact, even if the glass is broken, it can be completely maintained on the original frame, and the inside and outside of the building will not be subject to splashed glass fragments. Hurricane and earthquake: Even if the glass is broken, the whole piece will not remain in place; bulletproof and explosion-proof: multi-layer interlayer can be used to create multi-level bullet-proof glass; UV protection: very ultraviolet light in sunlight Large barrier effect, UV blocking rate of up to 99%, to avoid ultraviolet radiation; Noise reduction: PVB film has a barrier absorption of sound waves, thereby reducing noise. Widely used in automotive glass, lighting shed glass, soundproof glass and other fields.
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