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After you have finished your business, can you not return a message?

Release time:
2018/10/15 15:41
Did it be done?
After working one day, I asked Xiao Wang to send a material to the superior department.
An hour passed and there was no reply.
Two hours passed and I still haven't responded until I saw him in the corridor at noon.
I asked him if the material was delivered. He said that he was sent. I asked him how to deliver it. He said that the person I wanted him to find was not there. He entrusted the person in the office to hand it over.
As soon as I heard it, there were three words in my mind: I couldn’t help it.
After that, I will not easily entrust him to do important things.
Such a small thing, does not reply is "unreliable"?
I thought that when I was young, others told me about such small things. I generally don't reply.
In my consciousness, I think I will do it, but I still have to reply?
And no one asked me because I didn't reply.
After many years, I still had this strong feeling when I entrusted others to do things.
It turned out that it was difficult to get the trust of others at that time, and it was very much related to my failure to respond.
Staged progress should also be reported in a timely manner
The so-called reply to the matter, said that the reply should be promptly replied.
We often have some emergency tasks, such as a cadre being temporarily taken to the destination, is it? What is the situation?
If the mud cows enter the sea, they will not return, and they will remember to reply until they return to Beijing.
He thought that there was no need to respond in time, but I did not know that we were expecting to hear from him.
If I ask, I actually criticize him. This is not easy to grasp.
In fact, in the work, often the task can not be completed and then resumed, and the progress of the stage should be reported in time.
On the one hand, the leaders and colleagues should be assured, and on the other hand, timely feedback can provide a basis for correct decision-making.
Some people say that reply does not reply, depending on the likes and dislikes of leaders, some leaders do not like to reply.
I asked what happened. The original leader asked him to go to the leadership of another department. He replied that the person he was looking for was absent. He was reprimanded by the leadership to "don't reply, find and see." Looking for someone not found, is this a reply?
Others may say that people who have not responded to some things may have strong abilities, but they are not restrictive or disdainful.
However, small things are unreliable, and big things dare to entrust?
If you choose only one of the two types of people who are capable and reliable, which one do you choose?
Big things see ability, small things look at character
Big things look at ability, small things look at character.
The person who makes you feel at ease, but whenever you encounter something important, you will remember him.
Because you don't have to worry, he will definitely put it on your heart, do your best, reply at any time, and never let you wait anxiously.
For such colleagues and friends, you will treat each other with courtesy and treat the other party with the same emphasis. This is the tacit agreement between the two parties.
After the event did not reply, just like the task completed 99%, only this 1% did not implement, although it was so a little bit, things still did not do.
Some people ask, different leaders may ask differently, how to grasp this scale?
I think this has nothing to do with the leadership, but what should be done within the scope of the duties.
The reply will reply and respond according to the priorities of the matter.
Wait until the superior asks, indicating that your reply has not been timely, and once again reminded you have expressed concern for you.
The means of communication are so developed that they often reach a level of replies.
However, in the work, as long as it is related to your job responsibilities, you must respond promptly.
Imagine that you sent a message to your colleague. If you didn't respond, what do you feel?
By the same token, he will not send you back, do you not want it, or disdain?
This is not a problem that does not matter.
No matter who you are, unless you have a reason, you should give a reply. This is a question of respecting yourself and respecting others.
After the event is answered, it is simple and easy to do. Sending letters and delivering materials is only a superficial matter, and it is also a matter of professional character, which is related to commitment and integrity.
Everyone knows the story of "Give Letter to Garcia".
In the 19th century American West War, the US President had a letter urgently needed to be sent to the Cuban Allied General Garcia. But Garcia is fighting in the jungle, no one knows where he is.
A lieutenant of the US Army, named Luo Wen, stepped forward and did not talk about any conditions. After three weeks of walking, he was in a crisis-ridden country and handed the letter to Garcia.
Was Rovin sent a letter?
Not at all.
He also sent a soldier's loyalty and credibility, reflecting the self-sacrifice and character of the death of the dead, shining the brilliance of humanity.
This is the charm of this story that is widely circulated around the world.
Whether it is reliable, look at these three points
One person depends on not relying on it. In fact, it depends on these three points: "Everything is explained, everything is falling, and everything is echoed."
Some people are like this. He says "good" to you, you don't think he is perfunctory.
I recalled a teacher that I particularly liked and respected.
He teaches a lot of classes, but he remembers the names of everyone. No matter when I ask him questions, even if he is too busy at the time, I can always remember to answer me no matter how long.
Send him an email, always reply within 12 hours, or he will automatically leave a message: "Sorry, I am at xxxx, my email will be answered on x x x." His time to return to the mail is always the morning of the appointment.
Do you have a reliable gene?
I believe that everyone has encountered such a situation when chatting, chatting and chatting that the other party suddenly does not speak.
If the other party responds to your first sentence after a while, it is confessed that he has just returned information because of something. This kind of person is really not much.
Everything has an echo. When you encounter such a person, you will have a good impression.
A few days ago, I saw a cousin sent a chat screenshot in the circle of friends. This is her chat record with her husband. There is no special content. It is very late at night. The cousin sends a message to let the husband who is entertaining come back with a small one. The lobster stayed up late, her husband saw it and replied: Ok.
Then his husband sent a screenshot of the mobile screensaver, showing that the power is already five percent.
I also said: If you can't get through, don't worry, I should be able to go home right away and tell you about it.
Everything is accountable, a small move, but it avoids unnecessary misunderstandings and makes the girls feel warm.
It seems that people who are reliable, really can reveal the genes that are reliable at all times.
Execution is a reflection of the performance
No matter what you do, there are beginnings and ends. After suddenly disappearing, you will explain the reasons, the concept of time is strong, and planning is arranged in advance.
I have some work going on during the Spring Festival this year, not only me, but my assistants have also tried their best to help the work.
However, during the seven-day holiday in the New Year, I don't have the heart to see that they have no time to rest, whoever wants to celebrate the New Year, and whoever has their relatives to move around, and friends and classmates must be partyed.
What makes me happy is that every day in our WeChat group, we have the workflow arranged in advance, with the completion time, and finally we have completed our part of the work in good quality and quantity, maybe they lost some time flexibility. But it did not affect the quality of work.
At that moment, I am fortunate, I am proud of having such a team.
In a mature enterprise, a small number of smart people and most reliable people are needed.
Ma Yun said, I don't need to mention people, there are so many people in Ali, there are too many people to mention ideas, I need people with execution.
If you want me to find a word that contains all the expectations of good, it is reliable.
A reliable person will not disappear without warning every time, leaving another person panicked for a long time.
For example, leaving a person.
"Why can't you tell me clearly, can't get together with me, even if you tell me that you don't love me, it's better than now." This is the message I received from a fan a few days ago, and there are many similar messages.
I looked and felt distressed and felt that it was worthless for her.
A truly mature person is responsible for everything, and has everything to do, and everything starts and ends.
They all said that they broke up and saw the character. Cold violence represented no responsibility, no responsibility, and no beginning and end.
A reliable person is the sexiest, and a person who is not reliable will only make others uneasy.
Don't be too far away if you stay away from it.
Reliance is the only way to embark on the pinnacle of life.
I have seen that the most critical requirement in all corporate recruitment is always reliable.
You ask what a person's ideal love object looks like, and there must be one in the answer.
We have to find a reliable job and get married in our lifetime. However, I hope that I will always have the word reliable when I hear others’ comments on myself.
In this era, reliable is the only way to embark on the peak of life.
To the friends and family, think and say the same, work, say and do the same.
There is a word called the spirit of the contract, I especially like it. In our lives, we need the spirit of contract, work needs, friendship needs, and marriage is more needed.
The happiness of our lives needs to be built together with reliable people.
Communicate with wise people, fall in love with people with high emotional intelligence, work with reliable people, and walk with humorous people.
If life is like this, the scenery is infinitely good.
There is no shortcut to success and happiness. There is no road in this world that can lead to reliable, because the game itself is a road.
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